UI/UX Designer  |  Former Graphic Designer  | Podcast Addict based in London.

After over ten years as a Graphic Designer, working in many different fields with clients including the LDA (London Development Agency); Zaha Hadid Architects; Universities; Telecommunication firms; numerous UK councils and the Governments of Morocco; Nigeria and Bahrain, I became more interested in the bigger picture - how different elements are connected and should always be considered in everything we do. I believe that empathy is the key to great design.

With this in mind, I did the User Experience Design Immersive programme at General Assembly where I learnt new skills from User Research, Interviewing, Prototyping and User Testing. I previously worked as both a sole-designer and with an agile team. I am now looking for freelance contracts in the fields of UI and UX.

References available on request. 

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