An online community of parents, teachers and academics with a shared goal of mentoring children.
This was a client project completed at General Assembly.



BestSchooling provide an online platform which helps parents crowd-source innovative mentoring answers that address their children’s specific learning and developmental needs from other parents, teachers and academics. It is a mentoring wiki-how for parents.


To redesign the content creation module to make it more intuitive, in order to attract users to create content and to address the problem of the high drop off rate with the current website.


What we tackled specifically:

  • By creating a process that is easy to learn and use, we will increase the chances of motivating users to create good quality content and minimise the risk of them dropping off at an early stage
  • We believe that by giving users the freedom to customise answers whilst also providing helpful subtle directions; they will be more inclined to create content on the website thus increasing the website’s community engagement
  • By creating a friendly yet professional tone through correct terminology, the website will be more likely to appeal to both parents and topic experts which will then increase the possibility of content creation from diverse user groups
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The team consisted of three people: Zein Khalifeh, Daniel Kleimberg and myself.

We adopted an agile UX process over the course of the 18 day project. This method allowed us to carry out efficient and effective research to identify problems, benchmark the current website, understand potential solutions, test with users and design our final proposal.


Competitive Analysis, Survey, Task Analysis, User Flows, User Interviews, Contextual Inquiry, Persona creation, Scenarios, Sketches, Wireframes, User Testing, Prototyping.


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign; Sketch, OmniGraffle, ScreenFlow and Marvel.




What is BestSchooling really about?


The overall goal of the organisation is to create a community of parents, teachers and academics to come together to mentor children. Through our research we establish their three core principles on which this community stands. 


  • To help others
  • Giving something back
  • Personal reputation


  • Our user’s time is precious
  • Takes time to create and consume content
  • Need to be respectful of this 


  • Quality of the content
  • Tone of language
  • Terminology used

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User Interviews and Testing of Current Site

We interviewed and tested with 20 people to understand the behaviours of BestSchooling’s target audience. 

We tested both the current website to find out what were the reasons for the high drop off rate and our proposed designs.

User testing quotes with the current site

User testing quotes with the current site

We found out that there were too many obstacles in the way of creating content and that people found the process too much work and very frustrating as it didn’t work in the way they expected it would. 

Users found the structure of answering very confusing

Users found the structure of answering very confusing

Misleading example imagery in the prompts to provide content

Misleading example imagery in the prompts to provide content

All users opened additional tabs when they went researching information, it was what they were used to

All users opened additional tabs when they went researching information, it was what they were used to

Persona Creation

We created three different personas from our research to act as representatives of our target users. We kept these personas in mind throughout all the other stages of the project so we always knew who we were designing for.

Lisa (Inexperienced Worrier)

Marcel (Passionate Educator)

I can’t believe my little boy is growing up so fast
I want to engage, learn and give back

59. Academic specialising in child psychology.

Pain Points

  • Correct misconceptions
  • Not very tech savvy

31, Mother. Administrator.
Has a son just about to start primary school

Pain Points

  • Not enough time
  • Overwhelmed with too much information


Jo (Active Campaigner)

Founded charity helping children in development & education.
Previously a teacher.


  • Actively campaigns to raise awareness for development of children
  • Creates time to help parents going through similar experiences to her
  • Takes the time to ensure that everything she does is to high standard by constantly reviewing


  • Can’t find the right online platform to share her understanding
  • Finds some websites to be offputting with their cold tone
  • Poorly written advice
You think you are writing into the void and then someone replies ‘Thanks you, Thank you, Thank you’


Jo is at a conference on ‘Children and Down’s Syndrome’. She regularly attends conferences and events on the subject as it really helps her to expand her knowledge and understanding. What she learns she also shares with the wider community online. She finds this conference particularly useful and would like to share some of the key insights with the wider community.

Jo's User Journey


We wanted to design a new experience. 

  • To create a tone which is engaging to both content consumers and creators (e.g. terminology and tone of voice)
  • To create an intuitive system which allows users to complete their tasks easily without frustration and in a timely fashion
  • To provide content creators with the freedom to create content as they wish, and easily incorporate external resources
Design Studio

Design Studio

We ran many a design studio where we invited the client, stakeholders and different users of the service as well as our design team to generate ideas for the features that we identified as the most important.

Digital Wireframes

After testing with paper prototypes, we then created digital wireframes and continued to test and produce different iterations based on the user feedback. Here are some of our findings through the testing of the wireframes. 


We tested the digital wireframe prototypes and made numerous iterations based on the user feedback. 



High Fidelity Mockup Prototype

After all testing was completed, we produced the high fidelity of our final proposed solution in a clickable prototype.