Gousto are an award winning online meal ingredient delivery business. 
This project was completed during my time at General Assembly.



Gousto deliver pre-portioned ingredient boxes with step-by-step recipe cards. They’ve recently teamed up with a major supermarket group to supply them with a full range of ingredients, so Gousto has decided to expand its services to include additional options.


To create a microsite that will help people plan and manage their meal ingredient purchases more efficiently. Gousto want to make it easier for people to define exactly what they would like to eat. 

Problem / Opportunity


  • Lack of time
  • Poor planning when buying food in shops
  • Throwing out spoiled food


  • Help users to plan meals more efficiently
  • Only buy the food they need — no waste
Design studio.JPG


I was the sole designer on this project.

I adopted an agile UX process over the course of the two week project. This method allowed me to carry out efficient and effective research to identify problems, understand potential solutions, test with users and design my final proposal.


Competitive Analysis, Survey, Task Analysis, User Flows, Site Map, User Interviews, Sketches, Wireframes, User Testing, Prototyping.


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign; OmniGraffle and InVision.




Competitive Analysis

When we looked at Gousto’s competitors we saw a real gap in the market for a service which allowed customers to pick and choose specific ingredients for set meals. 


A persona is a representative of our target users, who you always keep in mind so you know who you are designing for.

24 years old, Marketing Manager, lives in East London

Pain Points

  • Confusing navigation on food websites
  • Being forced to buy food in larger quantities than she needs
  • Wasting food she doesn’t use     
I’ve always liked cooking but I hate wasting food…
Each week I have to throw out several items which I hate doing

User Journey

User Flows

I developed User Flow diagrams to help understand how people would complete the following tasks. 


Design Studio

We ran a Design Studio where we invited people from different departments of the business to generate ideas. 

Design Studio

Design Studio

These ideas lead to early paper prototyping and user testing. 

Early paper prototypes

Early paper prototypes



Analysis of different themes that could be further explored.

design studio

From that testing I started to focus on an which users found really useful — the ability to pick and choose exactly what you need and being able to unselect items you already have at home. 


Digital Wireframes

This was refined and I started to test how tests were laid out.

Wireframe 1 Gousto

Until we got to this version which we developed into a clickable prototype. All the sections that the user would need to interact with are all grouped together to make it as easy as possible to understand and navigate. 

Wireframe 2 Gousto

Clickable Prototype

After all testing was completed, I produced a clickable prototype of the the last round of wireframes.